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December 31 "Let God F5 your life in 2018"
January 7th "Letters from Jesus Church of Ephesus" Rev 2:1-7
January 14th "Letters from Jesus Church of Smyrna" Rev 2:8-11
January 21st "Letters from Jesus Church of Pergamum"
Rev 2:12-17"
February 4th"Letters from Jesus Church of Thyatira"
Rev 2:18-29"
February 18th"Letters from Jesus Church of Philadelphia"
Rev 3:7-13"
February 25th"Letters from Jesus Church of Laodicea"
Rev 3:14-22"
March 4th"No Excuses" Luke 14:11-24
March 25th"Who do you say I AM" Matthew 20:29-34
April 1st "Who do you say I AM" Matthew 28:1-15
April 8th "Who do you say I AM" Acts 1:15-26
April 22nd "Death and Taxes" Matthew 22:15-33
April 29th "Common Misquotes" 2 Cor 1:8-10
May 6th "Where was Jesus between Good Friday and Easter?"
May 13th "Mothers Day Sermon"
May 20th "Knowing God" Guest Speaker Dave Draper
June 03 "Outsiders with an Inside Track" Matt 8:1-15
June 17 "Are We Broken?" Varied scripture (Pastor Lee)
June 24 "Soap Opera" Genesis 29:1-30
July 1st "A Good Citizen" Titus 3:1-3
July 8th "The Bottomless Verse" Mark 15:33-34
July 15th "Lessons from King David #1" 1 Samuel 16
July 22th "Lessons from King David #2" 1 Samuel 17
July 29th "Lessons from King David #3" 1 Samuel 18
August 5th "Lessons from King David #4" 2 Samuel 9
August 12th "Lessons from King David #5" 2 Samuel 11
August 26th "How to have a Long Happy Marriage" 2 Eph 5
September 2nd "Jacob's Dream" Gen 28
September 16th "Offering is NOT a Dirty Word" Mk 12:41-44
September 23rd "Use it or Lose it!" Lk 19:11-27
September 30th "A Cheerful Giver" 2 Cor 9:7
October 14th "Knowing the Right Thing" James 4:13-17
October 21st "Mistakes of Sampson " Judges 13 - 16
November 4th "Lord of the Lip " Luke 6:46-49
November18th "Knocking at the door" Gen 18:1-15
November 25th "Gifts of Christmas Series Pt1" Matt 7:9-11 /Jn 3:16-21
December 2nd "Gifts of Christmas Series Pt2" Eph 2:8-9
December 16th "Gifts of Cristmas Series Pt4"
December 23rd "Gifts of Christmas Series Pt5"
January 6th "Looking ahead, not behind" Phil 3:12-4:1
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